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» Equipamento de Teste / Equipamento de teste
NAiS micro-imagechecker com camera e cctv e acessórios
- Camera NAiS ANM830CE with lens and stand and it's power supply (as shown in pictures)
- 4 lights new in box for the camera stand
- Used extension cable of 12 m for the camera (there is other one new in one photo - the new is sold separately)
- Keypad
- additional light power supply (seems to be empty)
- CCTV Monitor 14'' monochrome, new, in the original package.
There is a software for PC connection but we don't have it.
- This item came from a factory warehouse of technical support and maintenance. The assembly was tested as seen in the photos. It was connected and turned on. No additional test (apart from what can be seen in the photos) were made.
- Overhaul condition is used, no physical damages are found in the parts. The item is sold in is actual condition, without warranty or refund.
Preço: 550€ taxes not included

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